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Hytera is a manufacturer of radio communications equipment and systems. The company was founded in Shenzhen, China, in 1993 and it now has a global operation, although it is headquartered in China.Hytera manufactures radio equipment for many professional mobile communications technologies including DMR, TETRA, LTE and MPT-1327, etc.
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How to Use a Dip Meter, GDO

One of the advantages of the dip meter or grid dip oscillator, GDO is that it is very easy to use.Dip Meter Tutorial Includes:Dip meter / GDO basicsHow to use a dip meter / GDOUsing GDO to measure inductanceUsing GDO to measure capacitanceMeasuring antenna resonant frequencyMeasuring feeder electrical lengthOne of the easiest measurements to make using a dip meter or GDO is the resonant frequency of a resonant circuit.
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WiMAX RF physical layer, & modulation

WiMAX Wireless Broadband Technology Includes:Basics & introductionRF interfaceWiMAX frequenciesMAC layerNetwork architectureThe use of WiMAX as a wireless broadband technology is established with a variety of manufacturers are producing WiMAX equipment. One of the areas of particular interest is the WiMAX RF physical layer, or air interface as this governs the radio signal that is transmitted and received.
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