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Careers & Electronics Engineering

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Engineering is a career which many people enjoy and feel that they can gain their fulfilment. Engineering careers can take many forms, and like many careers, these days they can take different directions as your career progresses.

Look at the pages here describing at different aspects of becoming an engineer, right from the initial engineering training and courses through to managing and planning your career.

Your career

Careers don't just happen, to get what you want out of your careers and to have a fulfilling job, it is necessary to plan ahead, understand what is needed in terms of applying for jobs, and also how to work towards where you want to be.

Working Practices & Concepts

Although there is a lot of pleasure working in a career you enjoy, it is worth having a vew of some of the financial aspects of working and career planning as well.

As Simon Sinek said: "Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress: Working hard for something we love is called passion.” It helps to have a job we enjoy.

Jargon generator

How often have we all seen people use an unnecessary amount of jargon. Use our jargon generators to generate some impressive sounding but meaningless jargon as a joke and to have a laugh.

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