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Scanner antennas are marked out by the fact that they can cover a wide bandwidth. Most other forms of antenna are relatively narrow band, but because scanners cover a wide bandwidth, the antennas also must be wide bandwidth.

When selecting a scanner antenna, it is best to ensure that it covers the bands covered by the receiver.

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When buying a scanner antenna, one of the main considerations is the bandwidth. Will it cover the same bands as the receiver. Obviously for portable use, antennas must be must smaller and this may often limit the performance and the bandwidth available. That said, many vertical scanner antennas are advertised at covering frequencies from 25 MHz or so up to 1300MHz which would enable them to adequately cover the bandwidth of many scanner radios.

For many fixed locations the ideal form of wide bandwidth antenna to buy is a discone. As the name suggests, this form of antenna is formed from a disc and a cone - these items are generally made up from a series of wires or rods that closely equate to these shapes for radio signals.

A disco antenna is much larger than many of the portable scanner antennas that are available to buy, but they have the advantage of offering better performance. As these antennas will normally be used outside, and above ground level, these two factors will enable them to provide better performance.

When selecting an antenna for external use, it is best to ensure that it is well manufactured so that it can withstand the rigours of the weather.

Additionally mounting kits will be required to mount it to whatever it is to be mounted upon, be it a pole, tower or an external wall. "U" bolts, poles and other fixings may be required dependent upon how this will be achieved. It will be necessary to buy these as well.

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