This Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle Is 85% Off Today

This Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle Is 85% Off Today

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The Internet of Things revolution has forever altered the ways in which people interact with technology. Now, anyone with a curious mind and a modest budget can create everything from home automation systems to talking robots in the comfort of their own home, and these types of engineering possibilities are expanding by the day.

Nothing embodies this revolution like Arduino—an open-source electronics platform that allows users to build a virtually limitless number of awesome gadgets from scratch. The Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle will give you both the tools and knowledge you need in order to get started, and it’s currently available for 85% off at just $89.99.

Complete with Arduino’s best beginner board and six courses led by Arduino engineering pros, this bundle is ideal for both amateur engineers and more seasoned builders who want to embrace everything that Arduino has to offer.

After an introduction to the basics, you’ll learn how to build a wide variety of projects using keypads, liquid crystal displays, ultrasonic sensors, buzzers, lasers and more—all through instruction that relies on real-world examples and tools.

You’ll even learn how to create your own weather station and wheeled robot that can follow commands from the ground up.

Join the Arduino engineering revolution with the Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle for just $89.99—85% off its usual price. And when you enter the coupon code WEEKEND15 at checkout you’ll knock an additional 15% off the price, bringing the total down to just $77.

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