Charge 4 Devices at Once with This Wireless Charging Pad

Charge 4 Devices at Once with This Wireless Charging Pad

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If you’re like most people, your life is overrun and overflowing with chargers. You have a charger for your phone, a charger for your laptop, a charger for your smartwatch, and perhaps even a charger for your headphones—all of which take up an unreasonable amount of space on your desk or nightstand.

So why not eliminate the charging headaches and pick up an iPM Wireless Charging Dock with Removable Charging Pad while it’s available for over 50% off at just $69.99.

This streamlined charging solution charges up to four Qi-compatible devices at once and utilizes fast-charging technology to ensure that all of your gadgets are powered up quickly and efficiently.

With 10W of charging power and pure copper induction coils, this chartering station will simplify your daily power-ups by charging your smartwatches, smartphones, wireless headsets, or even an Apple Pencil all at once.

You’ll be able to eliminate clutter, free up desk space, and even take it with you on the go thanks to its lightweight and portable design.

Say goodbye to clutter and expensive chargers. This iPM Wireless Charging Dock is available for just $69.99—over 50% off its usual price. And when you enter the coupon code WEEKEND15 at checkout, you’ll knock an additional 15% off the price, bringing the total down to just $59.50.

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