Tesla Adds New Racing Game to Its Growing In-Car Gaming System

Tesla Adds New Racing Game to Its Growing In-Car Gaming System

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Tesla revealed its latest update to its vehicles' software: a new racing game to play while the car is charging, using the car's steering wheel as your controller.

Tesla Reveals New In-Car Racing Game

Tesla announced its newest in-car feature today, a new racing game played on the car's dashboard panel, using the car's steering wheel as a controller--while it's charging, of course.


Your next charging session is going to be SO ? MUCH ? FUN ? pic.twitter.com/5YzSL36kCC

— Tesla (@Tesla) June 18, 2019

Beach Buggy Racing 2 by California-based developer Vector Unit uses the car's steering wheel, brake pedal, and gas pedal to control the onscreen action, though there is still the option to use a normal gamepad as well. This new racing game comes a week after Tesla had to pull its other racing title, Pole Position, from vehicles over licensing problems with Atari.

Beach Buggy Racing 2 is one of many new titles that Tesla says in coming to its in-car entertainment system.

"Access the full library of games directly from the vehicle’s touchscreen to play gaming classics like Atari Missile Command and Asteroids," the company said in its announcement, "or experience our newest addition, Beach Buggy Racing 2, a kart racing game where you can careen, blast and launch your way through 22 tracks."

Beach Buggy Racing 2 will be available in Tesla vehicles today after the usual over-the-air update.

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