Lotus Evija: The World's First All-Electric British Hypercar Is Here

Lotus Evija: The World's First All-Electric British Hypercar Is Here

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Lotus Evija, the world's first all-electric British hypercar is making its world debut in London.

Evija — pronounced “E-vi-ya” — will eventually charge in just 9 minutes, will cost £1.7 million (over $2.1 million), and is set to go into production in 2020.

Appropriately, the car seems to be partly inspired by Tesla's Roadster — a car that was itself inspired by the Lotus Elise.


Staggering numbers

Aside from its staggering £1.7 million price tag, the Evija does boast some impressive numbers in its specs.

The hypercar will have 1,972-horsepower thanks to its four electric motors — one for each wheel. It has a top speed of over 200 miles per hour and will reportedly go from 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds.

A 250-mile range

In a press release, Lotus say they are aiming for a 250-mile range.

While this is considerably below the upcoming Tesla Roadster 2's range, it is still impressive considering the hypercar performance capabilities of the new model.

A car that charges faster than your phone

Lotus notes that the Evija will charge to 80 percent from zero in just 12 minutes on standard 350kW chargers. A full charge will only take 18 minutes, they say.

When the expected ultra-fast 800kW charging eventually rolls out, the iconic car company say the car will charge in just nine minutes.

Weighing at 1,680 kilograms, Lotus says their new model will be "the lightest pure electric hypercar ever to go into series production."

Handle-free doors

The hypercar's futuristic DeLorean-style doors don't have handles: "handle-free to preserve the sculpted exterior, [the doors are] operated via a key fob," the Lotus press statement says.

The car, including its interior, can be personalized, all at an added cost. The standard seats and steering wheel are lined with Alcantara fabric.

Lotus Evija is the first car fully developed by the carmakers since they were bought by Chinese automotive group Geely, which also owns Volvo.

In typical hypercar fashion, a limited number of cars will be produced. In tribute to the famous car company's Lotus 'Type' number, 130, only 120 Lotus Evija's will be manufactured.

Watch the video: LOTUS EVIJA OVERVIEW (July 2022).


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