In Fastest Record Yet, Sony's PS4 Console Sales Have Reached 100 Million Units

In Fastest Record Yet, Sony's PS4 Console Sales Have Reached 100 Million Units

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Sony revealed in its most recent earnings report, that it has sold 100 millionPlayStation 4 consoles. That makes it the fastest-selling console to date.

Sales slowed down in the last quarter, with 96.8 million PS4 consoles sold, but that was to be expected.


The company reached the 100 million mark in five years and seven months, beating its own PlayStation 2 console sales by two months, and Nintendo's Wii which took six years to reach that number.

Sony and numbers

Even with sales numbers dwindling of late, the PS4 only recently took that dip since it's been out on the shelves, just over five years ago.

Sales are expected to keep lowering.

The reason the slower sales in the last quarter are expected, and that this will most likely not change, is because Sony is due to release its Play Station 5 in the fall of 2020. The next generation of PlayStations will include ray-tracing 8K, SSD storage, and PS4 backward compatibility with existing titles.

That said, over the past few years, sales have remained consistent, with 19 millionsold in 2017, and 17.8 million sold last year.

Sony also revealed that digital download share has surpassed the 50 percent mark, with people nowadays buying more digital games than physical hard discs.

PS4 Has Officially Sold 100 Million Units, and It's Done So Faster Than Any Other Console https://t.co/heFJR1breN#Sony#PS4#Industrypic.twitter.com/W5dKG9gAP7

— Push Square (@pushsquare) July 30, 2019

The PS4 has been one of the Japanese company's big successes as it became the fourthmost popular gaming console of all time. It sits right behind Nintendo's Wii with 101.63 million, the original PlayStation with 102.49 million, and PlayStation 2 with over 155 million consoles sold.

All very impressive!

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