Amazon Invites People to Provide Answers for Alexa

Amazon Invites People to Provide Answers for Alexa

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Have you ever asked your Alexa assistant a question, and it couldn’t answer? Now, you will have a chance to change that and give answers yourself.

On Thursday, Amazon launched a platform called Alexa Answers, which allows Amazon users to provide answers to questions Alexa failed to reply to before.


Alexa Answers

The process is simple: people have to find questions that Alexa couldn’t handle and write their answers. To find relevant issues, users have to register themselves to the Alexa Answers website with an Amazon account.

Participants are motivated not only with great exposure opportunity, but also virtual points. Each answer earns points that can be exchanged to achievements and that enables users to compete for a top contributor status.

However, people are encouraged to engage with only those inquiries that match their expertise and niche. Then after careful evaluation, Amazon will add the answer to the Alexa database and share it with other users when they ask the same question.

The previous experience with user-generated answers showed that it’s tricky to ensure that users provide unbiased and correct information.

To solve the issue, Amazon uses an advanced filtering system. The company is filtering the data using algorithm combinations and human editors.

Amazon also asks other contributors to spot and report inappropriate answers. The company wants to make sure that no offensive language or partial opinions slip in to spoil their project.

The project was inspired by the growing rivalry from Amazon competitors like the Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. Google has been winning question competitions for a few years now, mainly because of the extensive question database they can collect from their users’ search inquiries.

On the contrary, Amazon can’t obtain such information from its users that easily, which requires additional help like Alexa Answers. So, prepare your answers and help Amazon to reach its goals.

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